Security Products Pretoria

New And Innovative Security Products In Pretoria

Have you ever noticed how many alarms that you hear going off during the day and pay little to no attention to what has caused the ruckus? In fact most of us find the sound of an alarm going off to be annoying rather than alerting to us to the fact that something untoward may be occurring. We have alarms in our homes, in our cars and in our offices that will activate when breached but will not actually have any effect in deterring crime. This makes it very important to not only rely on alarm systems but to choose the latest and most innovative security products that are available on the market.

One of the best ways to ensure that someone actually pays attention to your alarm system is to employ the services of a security company with an armed response unit. All your security products in Pretoria can then simply send a silent warning to the security company to which the armed response team can respond. It is however still important to have your alarm system sound an alert so that you are aware when your security measures have been breached.

Another of the great security products that you can have access to are panic buttons. You can have these panic buttons placed in strategic points around your home or offices which will send out a signal directly to the security company when pressed. In addition you can have remote hand held panic buttons that you can carry with you at all times. These panic buttons are serving their purpose to alert an armed response unit silently when your other security measures have been breached. The alert is sounded silently as not to alert anyone who is presenting a threat that help is on the way.

You should also consider having CCTV cameras and countermeasures installed in and around your property. This gives you the ability to monitor your surroundings when the alarm sounds without having to leave the safety of your home or office. CCTV cameras can also be integrated to give your security company monitoring capabilities or 24 hour surveillance although this is better suited to commercial rather than residential use. The footage from the cameras can also be sent to your computer, laptop or phone and can also be recorded to suit your requirements.

Make sure that your alarm does not go unnoticed with the implementation of a few innovative security products to give you better safety solutions