Perimeter security is not infallible, but it will buy you time in the event of a break in, and apart from providing peace of mind, a security fence needs to be practical in terms of the particular  security requirements, so they are usually made out of single vertical metal bars and connected at the top and bottom with a horizontal bar. The first step in a security program is to assess what you’ve already got in place. Is it enough?

Traditional perimeter security fencing is highly effective but also adds to the attractiveness of a property. With perimeter safety you have various options in terms of  size, shape, color and design of security fences which enhances the value of the property. There are cheaper components available, but we don’t believe in compromising on quality and performance.

Reliability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness are the key advantages of installing security fences – perimeter security can range from high fences with guard patrols, motion sensors and sturdy locks. Some government and military premises have a large perimeter, which means we  include double fencing with motion sensors in between the fences and closed-circuit television. They enhance security further with security patrols and guard stations.

Fencing has changed since the basic chain link was invented; new fences have been developed that curve back out toward the outside, if you are trying to keep people out, and barbed wire or razor wire at the top or between layers of fencing can be an added security measure.

Security has become a hard fact of life, and as the need for tighter security develops, we develop our systems to change and adapt to what is required; we do continuous research in the field of security fencing to ensure that our fences are updated and upgraded to stand up to the new tricks of intruders. Our perimeter security fencing is manufactured from the best materials and designed to provide strength and durability for all conditions.