The need for higher levels of security to deter intruders is growing worldwide, but particularly in South Africa where crime levels are allowed to escalate with minimum intervention, and a Pretoria electric fence company, in realising the need to delay or prevent intruder access, never compromise on the quality of electric fencing. This is turn leads to total customer satisfaction at a time when superb security products are as vital to us as the air we breathe.

Electric fences are non-lethal, though many would prefer them to be, so they do give the potential intruder a worthy Shock, and the energizer, normally linked to the house alarm, alerts armed response as well. Our electric fences are installed in accordance with Government Legislation and are absolutely safe.  Remember that the linking of the electric fence to the armed response has to be done by a reputable Pretoria electric fence company in your area.

The number of wires, the distance between the wires and the zone length are some of the different configurations which are commonly used to meet requirements, and the electric wire barrier can be installed vertically or at an angle to provide wider physical barriers that make intrusion by way of digging and climbing more difficult.

Well maintained, good electric fencing is highly reliable, extremely versatile and cost effective, provided the fences are built properly and correctly with high quality equipment from a Pretoria electric fence company. While the advantages of electric fences are many and varied,  cost effectiveness, versatility and reliability are always important factors.

We offer a variety of electric fences, both for the domestic and industrial market, but the variation in products available has increased dramatically to such an extent that it is easy to become confused with what you need. We are a Pretoria electric fence company, and our good fencing principles, techniques and advice are applied to secure your security and peace of mind