When you have decided to improve the security measures in your workplace with CCTV camera installation, you need to understand that the planning phase of the installation may be the most important part of the process. Firstly, the cameras need to be installed correctly to ensure that they are sending a constant live feed to relevant monitoring systems around your company. It is also important to ensure that each item is secured properly to walls, ceilings or other surface to prevent them from falling down and causing or becoming damaged.

But the planning phase is mostly important to take into consideration the placement of the equipment throughout the CCTV camera installation process. You want as few cameras as possible to cover as wide an area as possible. Entrances and exits to your premises and sensitive or authorised areas within the workplace will also need to be taken into consideration with CCTV camera installation. It is very important that these cameras can record information regarding each and every person either leaving or entering the specified areas without any blind spots being created by walls corners and doorways.

It is also important that your CCTV camera installation expert does not place the cameras too high or low. Cameras that are too high will just record useless information about the top of people’s heads while CCTV camera installation that is too low will cut people’s heads off in the images. Make sure that you provide your CCTV camera installation professionals with a floor plan of your office space as well as any other areas both indoors and outdoors where you feel you require surveillance. The installation expert can the begin picking the best spots for your cameras to be placed.