Property automation is the way forward for security, and property intercom systems certainly act as a figurative gate between visitors and the home or business, providing the communication avenue that allows the access to be directly controlled by the occupant. Everyone will agree that today it is imperative to have controlled and supervised access at all entrance and exit points.

m are far more effective than a door or gate, as they create distance between you and the person on the other side of the door. The intercom system also lets you know who is standing out there before you even open your door.  You can also question the reason for the visit while remaining unseen at a safe distance.

  • Audio only systems – the most basic intercoms, ideal for those who are comfortable with screening visitors only by voice. The visitor pushes and holds the talk button to get the attention of someone inside. Others can allow two way simultaneous conversations just like on a phone. Easy to install, the audio only systems can be wired in or wireless.
  • Video security intercoms – with both mono and colour options available, provide video feed to allow the owner to both see and talk to visitors. Visitors can be discretely viewed before opening or sending them away. Video feeds are activated by motion sensors or by a visitor pressing the door bell and transmitted to a receiver. Some models can take date and time printed pictures and record video clips of each visit so the owner can archive them for future reference.

Property intercom systems can also be programmed to unlock certain gates at specific times each week. With evolving technology, it is becoming increasingly simple to control your property intercom systems, and external intercom units are constructed of extremely sturdy and durable material making them virtually vandal proof.