To rent CCTV is an attractive alternative to buying a CCTV system, with all the benefits of unrestricted use of equipment, without the burden of owning it. All lease rental payments are fully tax deductible and because the rentals are fixed they do not increase during the period of agreement. To rent CCTV is an excellent way to enjoy high quality surveillance solutions to a variety of situations, such as:

  • Public events such as festivals and shows
  • To solve a once-off localized problem
  • Temporary replacement of existing equipment undergoing repair or servicing

With highly trained skillful professionals, we are specialized in the rental of surveillance systems to all forms of commerce and industry, and with on-going training and upgrading of equipment, we stay abreast with technology. Often a company may not have enough capital expenditure budget for protection of their assets or staff, or may even have other agendas for company funds or may even have put security on ice for a while, but when staff are suddenly faced with armed robbery, security suddenly becomes top priority, but if the budget prevents approval and implementation of buying security systems, then one possible solution may lie in choosing rent CCTV options for the following reasons:

  • short term flexible contracts but with options to buy
  • tax deductible
  • no in depth credit searches
  • no repair bills
  • no maintenance frustrations
  • latest equipment always available
  • no large capital outlay

Don’t compromise on quality! Some CCTV systems don’t fulfill the technical and legal requirements to be used for court evidence, and it is important to rent CCTV from a reputable company to ensure your system is not just an expensive deterrent. At Tandem Security, we use simple pricing structures with includes all the required equipment for the agreed length of the hire period with no extra hidden charges. We install and remove when it suits you, offering highly competitive prices together with the highest level of service for rent CCTV.