Electric Safety fencing can be used in many situations to effectively deter intruders from entering premises,  as well as for farms or game reserves for controlling livestock or predators. Electric fences are easily adapted to most applications and are relatively easy to maintain, but they do require routine inspection and maintenance to ensure proper operation and protection.

Sturdy electric safety fencing was initially invented to restrict the movement of animals, but since then the security industry has vastly improved on the technology, and developed it into an effective security system – and for crime strapped South Africa, a very lucrative business. Finding a good fence contractor is just as important as choosing the right fence, because how a fence is installed can have a significant impact on its usability, and it is far better to install the fence right the first time.

With electric fencing, it’s the wiring that goes into high security safety fencing systems that is of paramount importance, comprising a series of horizontal, smooth and corrosion free aluminium wires which are tensioned and supported by specially designed insulators, and operate by sending electrical pulses around the fencing system.  It’s the pulses which give would-be intruders a short and painful shock should they try and perpetrate your property. The shock is safe but acts as a warning and deterrent to the intruder..

Is there danger for people and animals?
When electric current flows through an animal or a person it can cause the nervous system to react in pain; temporary effects which don’t kill, however improper installation and random use of domestic electricity supplies and associated electrical appliances can of course be dangerous.

Electric Safety fencing is not a guaranteed security system, but it is another obstacle that is going to make intruders try somewhere else, and at Tandem, our fences conform to all the necessary criteria.