Today, with crime flourishing, it is essential that one’s garage doors should be opened and closed automatically with a garage door operator to eliminate fumbling with locks in the dark, and obviously from a safety aspect, you can drive up and straight in on dark nights …simply by a touch of the remote control which in turn sends a signal to the receiver in the motor housing which will trigger an opening or closing cycle. There are three main types of garage-door operators, differentiated by the mechanical drive that lifts the door. The most common and least expensive garage-door openers use a chain looped around a rail, while the quieter, more expensive ones have a metal-reinforced rubber belt instead of the chain. All the models offer the ultimate in safety and security features; the main parts in the garage door opener system being the transmitter, the remote control, safety sensors, key pads, receiver/remote kits, and much more.

Your garage door operator controls a number of features that require monitoring from time to time; basically the system is designed to shut down in the case of malfunction; the operator’s greatest safety feature. Any garage door opener should have optic sensors to detect any person or object in the pathway of the door. This is usually the cause for a non-functioning door.

Another great feature for a garage door operator is a courtesy light to illuminate the garage interior, making it safe for you when you enter the garage, not to mention the fact that a garage door operator can save you from back injuries as well.

Belt driven, chain-drive or screw-drive openers; how can we tell if the garage door opener we choose will be reliable? Purchasing your garage door operator from a reputable manufacturer like Tandem Security means reliability, durable construction, engineered for safety and built with experience.