It is an unfortunate fact that crime in South Africa is rampant and that you should be securing your home against intruders.  However, consider a proactive approach to securing your home by not only installing a home alarm, but also access control and perimeter intruder detection, to alert you of intruders even before they had reached the house.  Tandem Security offers wide-ranging home security solutions.

We fit intercom systems so that you can more strictly control access to your premises.  We install electric fences on existing walls and fences, or free-standing electric fences.  In addition, infrared beams in the garden can alert you of intruders the moment they enter the premises and even before they have had a chance to attempt to break into your home.  We can also install motion-detecting floodlights that switch on as soon as somebody comes close to them.  You may also link these systems to a CCTV system to provide a full visual perspective of your premises.

Home security is also very closely linked with the way you enter and leave your premises.  Be alert at all times and do not open your gate if there are pedestrians in the street close to your house.  Stay in the street until the gate is open, ensure nobody is nearby, drive in and close the gate immediately.  With our remote control systems, you can have wireless control of your gate and garage doors, as well as your floodlights.

Tandem Security is your specialist security company, so contact us when you need a strategy for securing your home.