Tandem Security Company Pretoria  provides peace of mind to thousands of homeowners and businesses by designing home security protection plans that make us feel completely safe and well-protected, It is reassuring after an installation to start feeling safer and being able to sleep easier while our homes are protected from criminal invasion.

Ultimately, it is up to us to secure our properties as the police aren’t everywhere and the time to tighten up home security is before there’s a problem. A reputable security company Pretoria has a combination of remedies in order to make us feel safe and protected; things like electrical fencing,  alarm systems, video cameras and motion detectors, access control, telephone entry & intercom.

An excellent Security company Pretoria focuses its efforts on achieving excellence in customer service to the community – and through training and development – ensure that our employees remain ahead of the latest technologies in order to provide a professional service, and ultimately giving you value for money.  We will –

  • take you through a review of your security needs;
  • explain a step-by-step security system that best suit your safety needs and provide advice
  • provide innovating and comprehensive security services
  • operate in strict ethical and legal code
  • provide the most efficient service, with after-sales care and attention. .

The need for protecting our homes and businesses is increasing as crime continues relentlessly and as a Security company Pretoria, our job is to find the most secure way for protecting what is yours whether you are in a high security Government building, an embassy, a farm or corporate business.

Always try to find your best security company by recommendation; ask neighbours for a judgment of their installed alarm systems and security fences and maintenance costs. Then consult us at Tandem Security – your no. 1 security service provider