Specialist Security Company Protects Pretoria Premises

Safeguarding homes and businesses in South Africa has grown to become a very specialised area as well as one in which the demand continues to grow. Unfortunately, this escalating demand for protection has had the effect of attracting many opportunists eager to make a buck but with little or no valid experience in the field. This has resulted in a need for the public to take more care when selecting a security company to which they intend to entrust the safety of their homes and family or their businesses.

Pretoria, like most South African cities has numerous service providers but one, in particular, has shown itself to be exceptionally reliable throughout its 15 years of operation. First registered in June of 1997, its client portfolio includes the department of Public Works, a number of Gauteng municipalities as well as the bodies corporate of numerous residential and business complexes in these areas.

While this alone should be sufficient to reassure any home or business owner who may be contemplating some effective protection that Tandem Security Services is a service provider of choice, the clincher is to be found in the extensive range of quality solutions it has to offer. Tandem provides products to address all of the important requirements for both domestic and business security purposes. The company supplies a range of electric fencing and related products, automated garage and gate systems and access control installations as well as offering Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) facilities for either outright purchase or rental.

Not confined to the capital, Tandem’s services extend well beyond Pretoria in order that it may meet the needs of homes and businesses located in Brits, Centurion, Bronkhorstspruit, Midrand and even in the neighbouring metropolis of Johannesburg.

In addressing the need of the public for systems that are not just effective but also affordable, this innovative firm has adopted the practice of manufacturing many of its own steel structures in order to control costs. These include gates, palisades and poles to support electric fencing all of which serve to provide the public with more competitively priced products and services and greater value for their money.

Another way in which Tandem Security Services has shown its flair for innovation is in its readiness to adopt the some of the industry’s newest and most advanced technologies. This is perhaps best seen in the SMS intruder notification system. The system is customizable and designed to assess the extent of a given threat. Based upon the severity of that assessment it can then moderate the most appropriate response as determined by the parameters of its programming.

This security company offers Pretoria and other areas a system that’s highly effective and simple to install despite its level of sophistication. When activated, it is able to assess the severity of any attempt at intrusion. For instance it would rate the presence of someone at your garden gate or wall as less of a threat than a person standing on your porch or near a window. In low threat assessments, a silent alarm may be triggered giving residents the advantage of being made aware without alarming the potential intruder.

Generating anything from an SMS to your mobile to strobe lights, audible and remote alarms and automatic lockdown it’s the ultimate protection.