With crime rates up in South Africa, many residents feel uneasy about relying solely on the protection of the law; feel that not even the police can be trusted. Living in our society is a risky business nowadays and we are all prone to fears and uncertainties and feel abandoned and ignored by the Government with regards to crime; but security complex electric fences are a great way to at least take steps into your own hands and provide extra protection for your home.

Insecurity and fear lowers the feeling of wellbeing, but a socially secure environment enables residents to live freely and relaxed. It also enables residents to have a social life inside and outside of a security complex.

Security complex electric fences are vital – these complexes took off quite a few years ago when security in especially the major urban areas became a major concern. The constant demand for more security complexes is indicative of the society we live in, and the residences in these complexes which consist of single-stand houses, townhouses or low-rise blocks of flats provide  high-density living, and for this very reason, security complex electric fences are a defense for many people against a chaotic and unpredictable lifestyle outside the complex. Spaces such as security complexes function, metaphorically speaking, as bunkers for  those seeking refuge, allowing residents to feel at home.

Security complex electric fences are the same as for domestic applications but wires start at 7 strands and increase up to 12 wires. Fencing is a specialized trade; the science of wire manufacture is complex in itself; its the wire that goes into high security fencing systems that is of paramount importance, and not just an imposing fence. The fact that our products at Tandem Security are tested so rigorously, demonstrates that we can safeguard the inhabitants of a security complex against the very worst attacks.