Choosing Between Sliding And Swing Security Gate Motors

You can choose between either a single and a double swing gate motors. However, when opting for a single swing security gate motors you may need to compromise on the length and weight of the gate. Single swing gate motors are only designed to open and close smaller gates to allow the width of one car access at a time. Double security gate motors are identical in design except that one motor is placed on each side of the gate giving access to two cars at one time.

The choice between these two security gate motors is entirely dependent on you requirements. If you have a double lane driveway, it is probably best to opt for the double swing gate option. Single gate driveways are suitable to either single or double swing gate motors. It is also important to ensure that you have enough space to allow the gates to swing in your driveway without touching any structures or cars in the driveway. You need to first assess your space availability and then determine whether the gates should swing inwards or outwards to allow enough room for you to manoeuvre.

Should you not have enough space available or the swing security gate motors it is probably best to consider having a slide gate installed. A slide gate rolls along a rail and does not require any space in your driveway when opening or closing. You also have the option between a double or single automated sliding gate. Just remember when selecting double sliding gates to choose security gate motors that are strong enough to open and close the gate quickly and conveniently without getting stuck.