A Leading Supplier of Quality Security Gates in Pretoria

There is no point in mincing words. Today, most South African families have either been the victims of crime, or have a friend or a work colleague or, at least, someone known to them that has suffered as a result of criminal activity. Where once, unfenced properties were the norm, most suburban dwellings today are heavily protected with high walls, electric fencing and security gates. Both in Johannesburg and Pretoria it has become increasingly difficult to communicate with a neighbour other than by telephone – sad but, unfortunately, necessary.

Faced with this necessity, it is important to select any proposed protective measures with care. The first step must be to identify a local supplier that is known not just for its quality products and reliable service but, in today’s somewhat tighter financial climate, for also offering these at a price that is affordable and so represents overall good value for money.

The choices are numerous and, quite naturally, the available budget is certain to have an influence on the decision process. However since paying top dollar is no guarantee that one receives top quality, this again emphasises the importance of choosing the right supplier.

At Tandem Security, the aim is to combine reliability with affordability and its consultants are quick to advise clients that security gates are the most basic requirement and should be fitted, at least, to all doors that provide direct entry into the house. The Pretoria company offers its clients a number of options from which to choose. While all of the models supplied are sturdily constructed and tough enough to resist any attempt to force them and fitted with locks that are totally tamper-proof, there are also some optional features that can simplify or enhance their performance.

Slam lock types are very popular as they require no key to lock them; a fact that not only saves time but that could actually prevent an assault or save a life in an emergency situation. Not as commonly found on the domestic scene as it is for business premises but gaining popularity for use in gated estates and town house clusters, is the magnetic lock. Since it uses no key, it cannot be picked and requires either a signal from a remote control, a pass code entered by means of a keypad or an access card with a magnetic stripe to be swiped in order to open it.

The choice of either the standard or retractable type of security gates provides another opportunity to cut costs and both are to be found in many Pretoria homes. While the former variety may tend to interfere with the view when closed and prove a little more obstructive when opened, they are cheaper. The more expensive retractable product tucks away neatly when it is not in use, a property that makes it equally suitable for use both indoors and out. Consequently, many people now fit one to isolate their sleeping area from the remainder of the home.

Fitting is quick and hassle free and for the well-trained staff at Tandem Security is simply part of the deal as is all the backup and support that you are ever likely to need. Why not secure the family car too with a motorised, rollup door.