We all know that crime rates have been soaring in South Africa for some time now, and the rate of home invasions and burglaries steadily goes up every year. The need for a Security installations Pretoria company has never been greater; we are forced to arm ourselves with many levels of protection.

Tandem offers a wide range of security installations for home and industries alike, and we have the resources and expertise to install complex high security Government systems right down to residential home installations.  You can’t play around with security – it has to be strong, effective, professionally installed – therefore always use a security installations Pretoria company that meets the highest standards of quality and service. We will assess your requirements and create a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

Security installations Pretoria is guaranteed – our team are constantly trained and brought up to date on the latest technology regarding products, installation and operation. We use the latest technology with modern computer software used to execute surveillance applications with accuracy.

With a wealth of experience, Security Installations Pretoria has  designed, installed and maintained all aspects of electronic security for residences and commercial clients for more than ten years; the likes of  alarm systems, digital video recorders, intercom systems, card readers and electrified fencing for supermarkets, homes, farms, game reserves and embassies. Electric fencing and gate automation as well as motion sensor lights are hugely valuable for improving home security.

Our mission is to provide top quality effective security services – our systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to use. Installing quality security measures is an investment in the safety and security of your home, and whether you need external or internal detection, we will assess your unique needs and come up with the perfect security installations to protect all that is yours