Fully Integrated Security Systems In Pretoria

Just employing a few security measures around your property will not give you adequate safety and protective measures. You need to ensure that your security systems in Pretoria are fully integrated and work in tandem with one another. There are many different types of security products that you can use that can be integrated with each other to give you all embracing security measures. It is however best to purchase these products and have the items professionally installed to ensure this type of integration.

There are two ways to start with improving your security systems in Pretoria – you can either work from the outside in or from the inside out. Different security experts will recommend different strategies that are suitable to different environments and circumstances. If you are working from the outside in it is best to start with the perimeter of your property. The first security product that you should purchase in this case is electric fencing that should be attached to an external alarm system as well as a silent alarm system to notify an armed response unit if the fence is breached or turned off.

Your security fencing should have a back-up power supply such as a battery or generator should there be a power failure. In conjunction with the electric fencing you can have laser beam technology installed in your garden around the perimeter wall or fence. These laser beams should be motion sensitive and can also have heat or noise sensors attached. The beams should also alert the external and silent alarm security systems that you have installed. This means that even if your electric fence has been breached you will have a secondary line of defence along the perimeter of your property.

The access points to your property are the next important point to take care of when you are protecting your property from the outside in. CCTV cameras in conjunction with an intercom system are a great way to allow you to monitor activity around your access points. Automated gates and magnetic or electronic locking security systems will also increase your security measures. Your cameras and locking mechanisms can also be connected to your alarm systems to ensure they are activated when unauthorised access is detected by any of these security measures you have put in place at your access points.

For fully integrated security systems in Pretoria to give you a comprehensive solution around the perimeter and at the access points to your property.