Sliding gate security in South Africa is used when it is not possible to close a set of gates in the conventional swing way; in fact sliding gates have been borne out of the necessity to economize space and to save time and energy, but while they provide this convenience, they certainly do not compromise on security and safety. Steel sliding gates don’t have to be industrial looking, beautiful designs can look attractive and still perform an excellent security service.

Sliding gate security in South Africa includes a rack and pinion drive that eliminates the greasier, noisier, and less secure chain drive slide gates used in the past.

It is at the driveway entrance particularly that a sliding gate with remote control is imperative, striking uncertainty in the intruder’s heart. He is simply put off put off by your visible defenses, judging them by their speed as well as their sturdiness. With this visible safeguard coupled with an efficient monitoring system he will in all likelihood just slink away.

As part of the maintenance of the sliding gate as well as the operator, it should be checked and tested regularly; failure to do so will ultimately increase the risk of intruder entry. Sliding gate security in South Africa provides quality well-constructed gates designed to meet every requirement and all tastes; particularly useful for driveways that slope upwards, where a swing gate couldn’t cope.

Unless you are a handyman, and able to install the gate yourself, your first step in securing your Home is to choose a trusty installer from an established company like Tandem Security who can not only supply excellent references, but they are continuously updating sliding gate security in South Africa to meet customers requirements and to foil brazen attempts by intruders learning new tricks to enter.