While there have been many positive and welcome changes in the lives of South Africans over the past two decades, sadly, a reduction in the incidence of crime has not been one of them. Burglaries and home invasions, along with the high-jacking of private and commercial vehicles, have escalated sharply and have left seriously overburdened and underfunded police services unable to provide either an effective deterrent or the means to secure justice. Instead, the burden of fulfilling the former role has fallen increasingly upon the country’s private security agencies.

Hardly a home in the nation’s suburbs now lacks some form of alarm system, either audible or silent, and many of these are backed by the services of an armed response unit, as well as subject to routine surveillance of the premises by mobile patrols. While these devices play an important part in making our homes safer, they are of little value to homeowners and their families when they are enjoying a braai or relaxing around a pool.

On these occasions, the only effective security measure is actually electric fencing. Whether used to protect business premises in Pretoria East or a private residence in one of the northern suburbs of the administrative capital’s near-neighbour of Johannesburg, these installations still represent the most effective first-line security option currently available. They can be mounted on top of a wall, as is usually the case in most domestic installations, and offer a valuable option for use in gated townhouse complexes. In their free-standing form, they are the option favoured by government buildings, military installations and smallholdings, and in fact, this type of installation is really the only practical option for use with any unenclosed property that is surrounded by large areas of open ground.

Word-class electric fencing and related equipment is available from Tandem Security Systems in Pretoria East. Our company has many years of experience in all aspects of security and is an accredited installer of these protective fences. As such, we are able to provide both products and installations that are fully compliant with the terms of the act of December 2012 relating to these security devices.

Many people are now choosing to expand the deterrent role of these installations by integrating them with an alarm system and possibly a CCTV camera or two. This option provides them with a means with which to provide both an immediate audible warning and, in parallel, a permanent visual record of any attempted entry by an intruder that may be used as evidence to support a prosecution.Â

Although a 9 900-volt charge delivered by the system’s energiser unit to anyone foolish enough to attempt an illegal entry acts as a painful and convincing deterrent to such would-be intruders, when installed in accordance with the prevailing security legislation and by an accredited installer, its effect is not lethal and thus any accidental contact does not pose a serious threat to family members, to their pets or, in the case of business premises, to staff or clients.

Replacing lost possessions can prove costly, but your family is priceless and irreplaceable. You can protect them both more effectively with an electric fencing installation by our experts at Tandem Security Systems in Pretoria East.