Controlling access to your facility is of vital importance, whether your facility is a high security area, a security village, townhouse complex or old age home. Whatever the scale of your access control problem, tenant card access is an essential part of a security solution.  With technology improving, property management no longer need to change codes with every employee or tenant change, and today one access card now gives tenants full access to buildings and rooms without requiring them to memorize a host of different codes.

For sheer convenience, if you need tenant card access without relying on the presence of guards or reception staff, you can add swipe card readers and electronic locks to your controlled entrances.

How does tenant card access work?

When a tenant wants to pass through a specific access point and swipes his card, an access control unit compares the individual’s security profile with that of the access point and double checks his identity with a biometric scanner.

Several types of cards are used for access control, from simple to sophisticated, offering a range of performance on various dimensions such as, amongst others –

  • the ability to be re-programmed;
  • the card’s resistance to counterfeiting;
  • amount of data it can carry;
  • the cost of the card and reader …. and others.

The magnetic stripe card is the most common type of tenant card access with a simple magnetic strip of identifying data. When the card is swiped in a reader, the information is read and looked up in a database. Proximity reader cards, also known as card-access systems, consist of programmable identification cards swiped through a computerized reader, programmed to allow only authorized personnel to enter. They can also produce computerized printouts indicating the time and date anyone with a card accessed specific areas.

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