When it comes to securing your home, there are many security products that you can install in and around your home, and one of these is electric fencing. Electric fences are used as one of the first security measures to protect your property, as it is installed around your home or office to help keep intruders outside.

Electric fencing allows you to secure your outside area by having an effective security barrier installed, giving a 9 900 volt shock to potential intruders. The shock is non-lethal, but it will definitely still help to stop someone from entering your property. These fences also have a built-in alarm system, so that you can be informed when your fence is shorted out and this alarm can also be linked to other alarm systems to notify you.

In 2012, new legislation was introduced that requires property owners to obtain a certificate of compliance for your electric fence installation. Tandem Security Systems is accredited to issue these certificates, as we are also an accredited installer. We can also upgrade your current electric fence, if required. These certificates are also essential when you buy or sell a new property, as you need to make sure that the installation was properly done according to specifications and certified by an expert installer.

Electric fences work perfectly with other security systems, as you can also install access control, CCTV cameras and perimeter beams. Access control systems can help to monitor who enters a premises and you can use these systems to open doors, traffic barriers and gates. You can use access cards or tags that need to be presented at a reader to open a door or gate, or you can even implement biometric fingerprint readers to upgrade your security systems even more. It is always important to use high quality equipment for this. You can also have gate motors, doors and traffic barriers operated by your access control system.

A great addition to electric fencing is CCTV cameras. You can install domestic or corporate CCTV cameras and link them to your existing security system. There are many advantages to these systems, including the ability for you to view live footage of what is happening in your home while you are at work, by using your smartphone or computer. It is a great way to monitor what is happening in your home while you are not there and it allows you to take immediate action when your alarm goes off. You can also use these on your business premises to monitor access at all your entrances, for security purposes. This way, you will know who had access to your business and who entered on a specific time in the event of a security incident or investigation.

Tandem Security Systems is based in Pretoria and we specialise in a variety of effective security products for your home or commercial property, including electric fencing, access control systems and gate automation. Our team is ready to give you helpful tips and advice when it comes to securing your property and we can also offer tailor made solutions for corporate clients across Gauteng.