The concept of  vehicle access control relates to an integration of equipment functions to ensure that only authorized personnel and their vehicles  are allowed through to  a particular area. When it comes to vehicle access control, a wide range of product innovations are available and cater for entrances where the desired control is achieved, from controlling the orderly entrance into premises to high security metal detection.

With vast experience in the area of vehicle access control, we recommend a suitable system from the many we regularly install. Whether it’s to stop unwanted vehicles gaining access to a housing estate or to stop intruders trying to gain entry into secure business areas, we have the product to suit your circumstances. With a full installation service and maintenance capability, we are able to provide a swift and efficient solution.

Control booms for office parks, factories, housing estates and hospitals:
The barrier is installed at an entrance/exit used by vehicles, and is renowned for the ability of handling high flow traffic.

Card Retriever Units:
This unit prevents vehicles from leaving the premises with the access control card given to them at the entrance, and the visitor is required to first drop the visitor’s care in the box before leaving the premises. Card retriever units can be interfaced to turnstiles, doors, and booms etc.

Toll Roads:
Transponders are attached to the car windscreen to be read at distances as far as 15m, allowing  the computer system to identify vehicles using certain lanes. and to allow them to pass through control booms. Each ID-tag contains a unique ID number which is compared against a database of approved holders.

From housing estates to huge car park operators, at Tandem Security we are focused on the quality and reliability of  vehicle access control systems in order to meet the security needs of all our clients.