It is true that the world we live in today is vastly different than the one we lived in ten years ago. Technological advances have changed most of the environment we operate in on a daily basis – from the way we do our jobs, to the vehicles we drive and the way we do banking. Security is no exception. The technological advances have completely changed the way the security industry is operating today, and integrated security solutions have practically become the norm in this country, where crime is rife and people are cautious.

What Are Integrated Security Solutions?

Up until a few years ago, it was fine to have an electric fence to prevent unauthorised entry, and a CCTV camera or two in order to monitor activity. Since then, time has moved on and technology has improved to the point where a variety of security solutions can now be combined to form a completely integrated security solution. Alarm systems, CCTV, automated lights, electric fences, video recordings, and silent alerts that help centres and security firms, are now all combined to form integrated security solutions that are largely automated.

Access can be controlled via facial recognition, and a variety of biometrics that involve the scanning of fingerprints or irises to ensure that only authorised people are allowed access to the property. Gone are the days where only a lone security guard was left at the gate to require visitors to fill in a register. Nowadays, that security guard is more likely to be a highly trained person who is used to working with complex and highly integrated security systems that will help to protect property, assets, and people.

Benefits of Integrated Security Solutions

Previously, security was pretty much left up to a variety of security measures that functioned independently. Nowadays, these systems are all linked and mostly automated. As a result, there is no need to spend money on the physical presence of security guards. Of course, patrols are still used, but they are usually backed up by highly functional, integrated security systems that can either react automatically or at the push of a button.

Technology does not need to be fed, kept awake, work in shifts, or get paid. This is where the advantages of integrated security solutions are vastly superior. Technology cannot be bribed or blackmailed. The main priority is to ensure that the technology is operating at optimal levels.

While the initial installation may cost money, the integration security solutions pay for themselves in the medium- to long-term. If an electrical current in the fence is broken, an alarm may sound or the security company may be notified automatically. Biometric scans are accurate and eliminate human error, and CCTV cameras with cloud storage can not only monitor activity, but also switch on lights and direct the camera towards unexpected activity. It is no longer easy for someone to enter a property when they are not allowed to.

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