Crime is rampant, and for this very reason, it is essential that one’s garage doors should be opened and closed automatically, and a Pretoria garage automation company offers electric garage doors that can be tailor-made to your own particular situation. Garages have different widths, lengths and heights and use different building materials, and for this reason, they are made and fitted to suit our customers exact requirements.

Our Pretoria garage automation company has a team of experts to examine your garage and make the necessary measurements; they recommend the most suitable garage type, the opener system and the necessary materials for your new automatic garage. The installation takes a day, which means that this Pretoria garage automation company gives you instant household security.

These days you don’t want to have to get out of your car to open the garage doors, especially during the rainy season, but more importantly, its not safe during the day, let alone night time, when on opening your garage door, thugs hurtle out, overwhelm you and snuff out your life. If your garage door is automated, the risks of being hijacked and attacked are lessened.

Other safety and security features include a high level automatic door locking system and an absence of external handles or protrusions to prevent unwanted entry.

The remote control:

A press on the remote control button and the garage door automatically glides open. No more struggling with heavy doors, and the small handset allows you to operate the door from a distance.
No matter how well a product is designed, unless it is carefully and correctly installed, it cannot possibly be expected to give trouble-free operation throughout its long life. Choosing the right automatic gate for your Home or office includes factors such as design, security and cost, and a Pretoria garage automation company makes the decision easy for you with friendly, expert knowledge.