Pretoria Suburbs Well Protected By Electric Fences

Leaving one’s home unprotected today could expose it to considerable risk from the many criminals that now target our cities and suburbs. Even the obvious presence of occupants on the premises is no longer a guarantee that a home will not be invaded. Consequently, security measures, while once an option, have now become a necessity. In Pretoria and most other cities and towns in South Africa, the electric fence is widely employed as the first line of defence.

An energiser is used to convert the alternating current of a mains supply to direct current, while increasing its voltage from 220 to 9900 volts. The system delivers an extremely painful, pulsed charge to the installation while the vastly reduced output current ensures that the charge falls short of being lethal and is thus permissible under the law. To protect a single dwelling a unit generating 4 Joules should be adequate while in townhouse complexes and an output of up to 8 Joules is recommended. Longer installations are normally divided into zones, each with its own energiser, and thus the segments may be switched on or off individually.

Like the residents of any city, homeowners in Pretoria that may be looking for the protection offered by an electric fence will invariably have a number of important requirements. Naturally, they want an installation that is effective but, at the same time, they would prefer it to be as unobtrusive as possible since nobody really wants their home to look like a prison compound. In addition, they want to be quite certain that it can be relied upon to do the job; that it is backed by solid after sales support and that, lastly, it is within their budget.

There are many satisfied customers in and around the nation’s administrative capital who are only too willing to confirm that Tandem Security is a company whose mission is to guarantee that each of its installations meets and even exceeds all of the above criteria.

The company produces many of its own components and buys only from those that manufacture the remainder. This means that, by eliminating dependence upon third parties, Tandem is able to offer products of above average quality while keeping its prices well below the average. It also positions the company to provide the tailored solutions that are ideal for each installation rather than adopting the far more common one-size-fits-all policy.

Expect no unprotected gaps or dummy wires carrying no current. All installations have battery backup and are tamper-proof, triggering an alarm locally and/or with an armed response company if an attempt is made. Pretoria has made Tandem Security its preferred choice for an electric fence.